About Us

Who Is Coolabah Ridge?

Hi there!!

My name is Damien, I'm the founder of Coolabah Ridge and I love nothing more than welcoming newcomers to our site, and I'd like you to consider Coolabah Ridge your site too - we would love to hear from you with your take on how we could improve the site, any products you want added to our range and any feedback you may have on anything at all. Even to share a story or two.

I think all of us outdoorsy people are quite similar in many ways and I want to share with you my story and how it has culminated in the website you are now visiting and hopefully the wonderful shopping experience you are having today... please read on!

I started out my working life at 12 years of age, working early mornings every weekend, cleaning cages in a busy Vet Clinic way back in the early 1980's that today is the premier Veterinary Specialist Center in the state, and it was my dream job - I was paid a princely sum of $4 an hour!!

I loved this job and enjoyed working hard at it all the way through school... while playing football, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, orienteering, rock climbing and all the while training for my black belt in Karate (YES - Chuck Norris WAS my hero... but Bruce Lee was my IDOL!!) as I studied hard to get in to Vet School... dream career... right !!!???

Well, I have been a devotee to all things fun, physical and especially outdoors since then, which made it so much easier to endure those 5 long years at Vet School, a stint in the Army and then 25 years in private practice! I suppose some beer helped at strategic points along the way too !!!

I took up skiing, snow boarding, rifle shooting, skeet shooting, hunting, and an avid love for beer... and you know, it made me think... they say if you do something you love, you don't really work... so what if I take my passion for all these things and create an online world for like-minded outdoor devotees to shop for their outdoor essentials in a safe and secure environment, bringing quality items to them at the best prices, delivered to them anywhere in the world?

Well, this is how Coolabah Ridge was founded, and while I still love Vet work and miss Army life, BUT still love beer... I can now interact with all of my fellow "outdoorsy" dudes on a daily basis and trust me, that is not working, it is LIFE !!

So what on Earth is a Coolabah??

Well, that's a good question and the answer lies in my love of the continent of Australia, having spent a number of years of my working life there and I just love being in the Australian "bush".

Any google search of the word will show you pictures of a big, shady tree often in the middle of a prairie (paddock), for cattle and sheep to seek shelter.

It's proper name is Eucalyptus coolabah, is a tree that typically grows to a height of 66 ft and commonly known as Coolibah or Coolabah. It is found in eastern inland Australia.

It is a place where any hiker, soldier, cattleman or sheep herder would find cool and hence the name Coolabah !! It is pronounced "COOLER BAR" and would be the ideal spot to rest with a cool beer in your hand... a little like a cool bar anywhere outdoors.

It is for this reason that I named this website Coolabah Ridge because what outdoorsy type, mountain man, tactical hero or just a plain old hiker would not love a cool, shady place to stop and relax.

Thanks for listening to my story and I trust your experience with us today is a great one. As I said earlier, just drop me a line at support@coolabahridge.com for any old reason and I will be glad to help, advise or just swap stories.



Coolabah Ridge Founder